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UPEACE-HRC and HREA Joint Courses
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UPEACE-HRC Online Courses
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UPEACE-HRC Field Courses in Costa Rica
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UPEACE-HRC Customized Courses

UPEACE-HRC offers Customized Courses to academic institutions and NGOs from around the world. These courses are meant to cater to the educational and professional development needs of various universities and organizations in order to provide their students and staff with exposure to specialized discourse on topics of human rights and international law. Course lengths can be shortened or extended to suit such needs. Our customized courses are:

globalorlocalGlobal or Local as Desired facetofaceFace-to-Face, Online or Hybrid
handsonandspecializedHands-on and Specialized designedtobuildcapacitiesDesigned to Build Capacities

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